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HAISCH HUNTER RESEARCH, a company domiciled in Zurich, Switzerland and Gothenburg, Sweden carries out systematic, well-founded and highly efficient research into data, facts and background information and is unique in its field of specific research attuned to the film and media industries.

Since the formation of the company ten years ago, its managers, David Haisch and Christian Gattiker, have developed a research network across the whole of Europe with specialists, institutions and companies covering a vast number of themes.

Gattiker began his career in the field of law and is the specialist at HAISCH HUNTER RESEARCH for back ground research. Haisch is a qualified editor for publishing houses and, prior to formation of the company, spent 15 years as a producer in the Swiss film industry, latterly as the Head of Production and Casting Director at Condor Films Zurich. His field of speciality is research into historical, documentary and fictional media contents and the international licensing of film and music rights, primarily for European documentary and fictional motion pictures.

In the course of time, HAISCH HUNTER RESEARCH has become an indispensable partner in the media industry for the tracking down of Film Locations and Talents of all types and ages, amateur as well as professional actresses and actors for movies, photo-shoots and television productions.

For enquiries about research opportunities, please contact David Haisch or Christian Gattiker who will be delighted to be of assistance to you.